Rob Minford Discusses AI and Decision Management

Rob Minford, VP of Engineering at Filament AI, sits down with Krista to talk about his session "Machine Learning and Decision Management IRL."


Krista White: Thanks Rob for sitting down with us. So, today at Driven you spoke about the intersection of decision management and A.I. Can you give me a little summary of that?

Rob Minford: So we've been working with BP3 recently over our different kind of worlds or, a data world that we both can make decision on. So BP3 are experts in making decisions on the structure data world, whereas we are looking with using machine learning techniques from an A.I. company and looking at that unstructured world and how we can obtain features, and meaning out of unstructured data. So basically, enforce those decision making. Working with BP3 we can basically take the best of both worlds to get a more deep and human decision.

Krista White: So you're here with Filament A.I. Filament's based in London. Can you tell me a little bit about what Filament does around machine learning?

Rob Minford: Yes. So what we do is we essentially leverage the power of artificial intelligence, or more specifically machine learning based on an NOP with image processing on top to support enterprises, start-ups, or basically all sizes of companies. Leverage that power of A.I. within their organization.

Krista White: You talked a little bit in the first question about the difference between structured and unstructured data. So really, unstructured data is everything that we come in contact with, right?

Rob Minford: Yeah. The thing we would like to think about unstructured data is, data that we're producing. About 80, 89% of data we create as human beings over the world is unstructured. So, we do work with structured data also, but where that unstructured world comes in here with BP3 is we can sort of start to access and make meaning out of data that we create day to day. Even this conversation you could say is stored as unstructured data.

Krista White: Nice. Well, thanks for sitting down with us, and coming to Driven, and we look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Rob Minford: Thank you.

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