Reusability of IBM's DBA Stack
Watch now to view the third video in our series about IBM's Digital Business Automation stack. This video discusses the reusability of IBM's DBA stack.

Speaker 1: Thanks, Mike, for sitting down with us today. This is our third video in the series about IBM's digital business automation stack, and so I encourage everyone to go back and watch the first two videos. But today, I wanted to focus on what I think is a real changemaker in business, which is the reusability that IBM brings within the digital business automation stack. Can you talk to me about that and how customers are using it?

Mike: Sure. I actually kind of think about the technology as a knowledge base of sorts. There are three kinds of knowledge that organizations get to capture. They get to capture what they do. Think of that as sort of the business processes, the way the people work in an organization, and that gets captured in sort of our shared model repository that they get to use.

Mike: The second kind of knowledge base is the decisions that they make. Who's a high-value client, or who's a high-risk client, or what product should we offer? That gets captured in a knowledge base, and you can build on that knowledge base over time.

Mike: And then the third is the business data and the content that they create, and that gets captured in our repository. It's just a tremendous wealth of knowledge that sits there because you can mine it, you can use that information over time, and all of those three things, if you think about it, are sort of the fundamentals of what we as workers in an organization create, capture, and do. The technology allows you to capture that, and I think the reason that's important is you can use that to build and evolve over time, and it sort of becomes the lifeblood, if you will, of your digitized operations.

Speaker 1: I love that. I think it ... Promo: create, capture, and do your employee experience from IBM experience.

Mike: Absolutely.

Speaker 1: You should trademark that.

Mike: Well, you guys have a great market here.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Well, thanks for sitting down with us-

Mike: Thank you.

Speaker 1: ... and talking about digital business automation. We look forward to having you again soon.

Mike: Thank you.

I have included the links below to link you to the first two videos in this series:

1st video-

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