How to Deploy Projects Every 2 Weeks (Part 2)

How to Deploy Projects Every 2 Weeks (Part 2)

Joe provides more suggestions on how to really deploy projects every two weeks.

Watch Part One here.

Speaker 1: Thanks, Joe, for joining us again to talk about how to really deploy every two weeks. My question today is there a ethology that BP3 takes in helping our customers get to this agile deployment method?

Speaker 2: Well yes, I think there is. Obviously, we're gonna take a look at the solution overall and find out which aspects of that we think we can get the benefits from automated testing, which are gonna make the biggest impact on that overall test cycle. And I think, you maybe heard me talk before about how some solutions are very you I centric and some are very integration centric, and so those will be the obvious places to start looking to see whether you can get the benefits out of them.

Speaker 2: If it's you I centric, then I guess we would maybe look at taking an off the shelf tool and how we could zap that to maybe work with those you I's. If it's integration centric, there's a whole plethora of tools out there, whether you're running Java and doing [inaudible 00:01:02] testing or those sorts of things. Those are obviously the capabilities we would look at and sometimes, if it's very process centric, there's a lot of process in the solution, then maybe we can help BP3 have some tools that are available, that can be available through our lab's subscription, and they can help out with those things.

Speaker 1: So really any customer that comes to us and talks about really wanting to deploy every two weeks, or even faster, the keys are getting your development team together with their testing group. Do you suggest even making those people sit together?

Speaker 2: Oh very much so. That is where the benefit really comes because again, if you were doing the more agile development, often, the requirements are not entirely stable because you're having playbacks with the customer and so things are changing often quite late in the process. So the testing needs to be absolutely there to monitor those changes so that the tests that they build reflect those changing in requirements as they're happening.

Speaker 1: Well, thanks, Joe, for joining us and talking about how to deploy every two weeks. There are two videos in this series that you'll wanna watch together.

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