How to Deploy Every 2 Weeks

How to Deploy Every 2 Weeks

Joe Warner joins Krista to illustrate how companies are actually deploying in two weeks. Stay tuned for Part Two.

Speaker 1: Thanks Joe for joining us today. Today we are talking about how to actually deploy every two weeks. So a lot of our customers have wanted to deploy every two weeks. A lot of people talk about it as a ministry standard. But how do people actually get to deploy every two weeks?

Speaker 2: Well of course when we talk about deploying rapidly like that, what we're really talking about is continuous integration. And of course when we sell through continuous integration, it's all about the testing, and obviously your ability to automate as much of that testing as you can, which brings the times down. So people have various test strategies, because obviously with the digital platform there are different components, different layers to the solution. So you have to build your automatic testing across all of those and it's very difficult. People ask, "Where should I start?" Well, start with what's easy. That's usually gonna ... it may not always give you the best return to begin with, but it's always best to start with something easy. You get comfortable, you build the whole testing platform, and then all things start to come together over time and then really the ability to reach to the recycle generally depends on the level of automation you can get in your testing, which will gradually bring its arm down.

Speaker 1: So when you say start with what's easy, at a typical customer, what is the easiest starting point?

Speaker 2: Well, that varies depending on what the surgeon looks like. If you have a very UI centric solution, which some people do, then maybe you can get best benefit by putting the testing around the UI. Some of the solutions are really integration centric so then obviously that would be a place that you would maybe look at first to work on. But ultimately to get the full benefits you're gonna have to do the testing across all of those things.

Speaker 1: Well, thanks Joe for joining us today. We're gonna hit on this topic again later in the series.

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