How BP3 Helps Customers with Digital Transformations

Chief Strategy Officer, Amit Malhotra, sits down with Krista to talk about exactly how BP3 is working with our customers to enable their Digital Transformation success.

Interviewer: Thanks Amit for joining us today. Today we're talking about how BP3 is helping customers through their digital transformation.

Interviewer: So, let's just start off with that. How is BP3 helping customers with their digital transformation?

Amit: Right, so BP3 has been working with large enterprises for many years, and what we have noticed very recently is that the conversation has gone from help us save money, to help us make more money, to help us survive and thrive in this new digital environment where very well funded digital native companies are coming with more relevant services for their customers, and better customer experiences.

Amit: And the companies are saying, you know, they're coming and eating our lunch, so help us create more services and offerings so that we can be competitive in this new market place. But help us in a way, not like create a new company, but help us in a way that leverages what we do today, but in a much more meaningful way.

Interviewer: So, digital transformation is very buzz wordy, there's lots of new agencies popping up. How are we avoiding those buzz words, and what are we really doing with customers?

Amit: Yeah, so that's a good question, because it's easy to get caught up in the buzz word bingo here. So I'll give you two specific examples of where we're working with customers around this. One is we're working with a very large health system, where we are not ... it's not a traditional where we're saying hey, here's some software to better patient care, something abstract for them. We are partnered with them to create a new product that we are then taking to peers that actually helps save money, and betters patient care.

Amit: And this is a game changer, this is not a software sale, this is an outcome that we have committed to deliver with this customer.

Amit: Another example is a large utility that's very well known, where we started, I think way back when we started working with them in the back end, automating their back end and back end permitting process.

Amit: But what that led to is a whole new platform around offering automated permitting and licensing process for their customers, engaging the inspection process. I know this is boring, but anyone who's spent time trying to remodel, it takes so much time to coordinate all these things, and bringing in IOT, bringing in some of the really cool stuff that Google has been doing. To be able to massively shrink, or remove the friction in this transaction, and just allow this utility to offer a completely different product than they expected to their customers. And it's been great so far.

Interviewer: That's awesome, those are some great examples. Well, thanks for talking to us about digital transformation. You can check out more videos on digital transformation and process transformation here on our channel.

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