Getting Started with DOPS Architecture
Watch now to learn about digital operations and digital operations architecture and what the definition of DOPS is. As well as learn how to define your digital operations architecture in your business.

Krista: Thanks, Mark, for joining us today. So today we are talking about digital operations architecture. Let's start with defining digital operations architecture for us.

Mark: Yeah, okay. So for us at BP3, digital operations architecture is really about taking customer or employee journeys and wiring that into the existing organization, right? So that's from a business point of view, across all of those functional silos, but also across the technology landscape.

Krista: So, how would somebody get started in defining their digital operations architecture?

Mark: That's a great question and I would say we should always start with the customer. Put the customer in the middle, right? Think about the customer journey, think about a specific persona and how they interact with your organization in order to exchange value, right? Walk through that process, understand where that process is broken or where the customer is frustrated, and then apply technologies and capabilities to optimize that customer journey and to keep that customer happy.
There's a lot of research in the market that says if you focus on individual touchpoints, then you don't get the net promoter score improvement that you get if you look at the end to end journey. If we start there and we focus on the client, then the capabilities that are required in order to drive that outcome, they naturally fall into place.

Krista: So, really, a holistic journey map is where you're going to get started.

Mark: Very much so, yes.

Krista: Well thanks, Mark, for coming and talking to us about digital operations and digital operational architecture.

Mark: My pleasure.

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