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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys shines a light on the in-house issue that negatively affects a company's efficiency and profits: the bad employee experience.

Gibbs provides essential strategies for granting employees the systems, authority, and consideration they need to best perform the work they do.

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Book Highlights

  • The Real Reason Why Customers Stop Coming Back
  • The One Thing That Makes a Great Customer Experience
  • Traditional Process Design is Broken -- Here's Why
  • What's More Important: Culture or Process?
  • How to Avoid a Fearful Company Culture
  • The Hidden Cost of Negotiation -- And How to Build Empires
  • "Failing Fast" Sound Nice -- But How Do You Actually Do It
  • There's a Difference Between Big Data and Important Data
  • Why Angry Customers Aren't Half as Dangerous as Angry Employees
  • Automation Will Do So Much More Than Save You Money

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