Francis Carden Recaps Pega Infinity & Digital Transformation Sessions

VP of Robotics & Transformation for PegaSystems, Francis Carden, joins Krista to recap his two Driven sessions: "Accelerating Digital transformation for IT and Business Alignment" and "Workforce Intelligence: Using Robots to Discover How Work is Done in the Enterprise."

Krista White: Thanks Francis for sitting down with us. So you just got off your keynote.

Francis Carden: Yup.

Krista White: In your keynote, you talked about layering tactical RPA into DPA as a strategy. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Francis Carden: Yeah I mean, I think all too often people are ... well I mean, there are enough vendors out there talking about RPA as if it's gonna solve world peace. It's a tactical way to bridge gaps from in my world to get to a true digital transformation. If you try to think about robots strategically, you'll end up being very unhappy with the end result. DPA is more about looking at the whole process, the end to end journeys for customers and the outcomes and you can plug the gaps with robots, where it's difficult to do integration. And that is really the strategic way to look at it, rather than the tactical way.

Krista White: I loved in your session, you talked about end of lifing robots when you get those API's set up or end of lifing robots once you fix the problem. Can you tell me a little bit about that? Give us a summary.

Francis Carden: Well think about it. I mean, it's a stop gap, right. You can have the robot be the integration point but you don't really wanna be doing it forever because you're still sitting on top of all those legacy systems that are costing you money and time to manage and support. Someone could come along and change the user interface and realize you've got an entire integration reliant on it. And so there just needs to be a plan to end of life those integration robots to something far more strategic and it's easier than you think when you start with a gap that you've plugged.

Krista White: So Pega recently announced Pega Infinity. Can you tell me why it's different from the previous versions and what it's got to offer?

Francis Carden: So Pega Infinity, think of it as a great brand. We think of DPA with all the technologies inside it. Everything from Loco, from integration and cloud choice and the end to end robotic automation that you have and just putting that under an umbrella of Infinity because we think of it as actually finally a way to start becoming a digital company as opposed to being an analog company that keeps trying to be digital with all these tactical solutions. There is really a solution in Pega Infinity which is to get you into a true digital company and not carry all that baggage with you every part of the way.

Krista White: So last question, what does it mean for a company to be digital in your mind?

Francis Carden: Oh so to be able to part ... I mean so think of you're a bank. Your competition is a brand new bank, it doesn't have any legacy, doesn't have any legacy debt, it can transact with it's customers with how the customers want to transact, through mobile, through the web, through the phone. Or even through Facebook. It's hard to take those [inaudible 00:02:32] applications into that world unless you're digital. You can do it, but it's kind of low ... you've still got all that legacy to support. And if you can do it in a way in which you can put a true digital process to end of life some of that old stuff or put you on the path to end of lifing. You become as competitive as those new digital companies.

Krista White: Nice. Well, thanks for sitting down.

Francis Carden: A pleasure.

Krista White: Excellent keynote today and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Francis Carden: Thank you, love doing it, cheers.


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