Foundational Technology

Foundational Technology

What emerging technologies are we watching? In this video, Ted Irani discusses the three technologies that he feels are bringing in a new wave in digital process automation.


Director: This is BP3 20 Ted Irani take one.

Ted Irani: Don't do the giggles thing already.

Krista: Sorry. Sorry. I heard Teddy.

Krista: Thanks Ted for joining us today. Today we're going to talk about new generation or next generation technologies. Let's start with what are the next generation technologies that you're looking at that are bringing in a new wave in digital process automation?

Ted Irani: Sure. Well, I've always enjoyed watching new technology emerge to see what could have a dramatic impact across all the industries that we serve. It seems to be it used to be every three or four years something really revolutionary would come out. Now it's almost annual. But there's really three technologies that I'm watching right now that I think have the potential for dramatic improvement in all the process transformation that we do.

Ted Irani: The first is Microservices architecture, the second would probably be blockchain, and then the third is automation, which we've been watching for a few years now.

Krista: Can you walk us through each one of those and how they would help with the [inaudible 00:01:06] process automation?

Ted Irani: Sure. The first is Microservices architecture. Design patterns is old as SAS itself. Doing it well has been hard. Hiring architects that can guide you to do it well has been expensive. Now there's technology that can really hold your hand or put on guardrails through your development from start to finish, such that when you're complete you have an architecture that broken out into discernible distinct chunks and platform that's scalable and secure. From a process pattern perspective, we've always looked to break the process down into distinct sub-processes. By having a foundation with Microservices architecture, that supports the platform side of it, you overlay the process side that's properly broken into sub-sections. The end to end process is beautiful. It's scalable, it grows.

Krista: Nice.

Ted Irani: It works. The second is blockchain. I think blockchain really could be the savior the data integrity. We've been fighting a losing battle for years for secure data. We encrypt it at rests. We focus a lot of energy towards securing it through communications. We've locked down access to it from system to system. Blockchain provides a technology framework where the end result is guaranteed quality of the data through the data ledger and security of the data. We have always looked to a process to make data ubiquitous but also secure, and those have been competing forces because it's hard to do both.

Ted Irani: Blockchain provides a framework that guarantees that. When all of our time and energy and effort goes towards focusing on the business problem, solving towards proper process design, and we just have as a guarantee security and accuracy of data, we're able to focus our energies in much better ways.

Krista: Nice.

Ted Irani: The last one's automation. We've seen pretty incredible advancements in the last couple of years through cognitive operations, through robotic process automation. The results are getting better and better. The key still is to train it in on the right business process. It's not the right answer for everything but certain specific business processes tailor themselves very well towards automation. With that, we're able to focus design on three key players at the table, and there used to be two. By that, I mean used to be we design process for human and the system. An efficient interaction between those two and an efficient process was the end state. Now to me, there's really three players. There is humans, the system, and automation. We can focus on those tasks that are appropriate for automation, those tasks that are appropriate for human decisions, and then, of course, the systems and doing what they do best, with all three players at the table you've got a lot of freedom towards really efficient leaps forward in your businesses process transformation.

Krista: Nice. Well, thank you for coming by today and talking about these future technologies. I'm looking forward to the future. I don't know about you guys.

Ted Irani: Thank you.

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