Features and Functionalities in IBM's DBA Stack

Watch now to learn the features and functionalities in IBM's Digital Business Automation stack. There are 4 fundamental technologies that are part of digital business automation.

Speaker 1: Thanks Mike for sitting down and joining us today.

Speaker 1: Today we were talking about the features and functionalities in IBM's Digital Business Automation Stack. In the previous video you talked about, and I encourage everyone to go watch this previous video, you talked about what all the digital business automation means to IBM. Let's talk about the features and functionalities today.

Mike: Sure. There are four fundamental technologies that are part of digital business automation. There's our workflow technology. Workflow is a combination of things you think about historically in business process management and case management integrated into one, sort of digitize all patterns of human work. There's decision management. Decision management is a rules-based technology so that you can describe in natural language, what kinds of decisions are supposed to be made, how do they work? And then the third component of it is our content technology. And content technology allows you to store content, add information about content, make it searchable, and then do all the governance and change management around it.

Mike: And then the last category is robotic process automation. And this is a way of simulating user input into different systems and using that to facilitate automation. Our goal's we've brought these four things together and the goal of digital business automation was to make them consumable as a platform.

Speaker 1: So really bringing together what people do on a daily basis and making it ... making a knowledge worker out of the machine.

Mike: Yeah. Because if we can digitize the different things that they do and the tools that they use, then we can help make organizations that much more productive. Productivity means they can better serve their customers, they can reach new clients, they can scale. The goal again is to give them those key tools.

Mike: Now, by the way, one of the key things I think to know is, not only do we bring these things together, but we really did invest in making it a consumable platform. We've actually created some things to make it simpler to do the administration of it, and we're introducing new features that actually allow you to take advantage of the data, and those are only available in the platform. And this way you can actually get end to end visibility, for example, into what the people are doing and you can use that data to actually do things like machine learning, and that's going to unlock all kinds of new use cases around intelligence.

Speaker 1: That's very exciting. Well, thanks for sitting down with us today and talking about the features and functionality in IBM's Digital Business Automation Stack.

Mike: Thank you for having me.

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