Digital Transformation with Bizagi's Nitish Pargal

Bizagi's own, Nitish Pargal, talks about his session "The Journey to Digital Transformation: Transforming Your Organization with Digital Process Automation."

Krista White: Thanks Natish for sitting down with us. So here a Driven you were speaking about fostering collaboration using the Bizagi platform. Can you give me a brief summary of that?

Natish Pargal: Sure as I talked in the presentation earlier, the business with the platform Bizagi can provide customers with the journey in towards digital transformation and we talked a lot about how critical the business in IT collaboration is. If you think of it from a business perspective, they're thinking about how to provide, being more confident in the market place, provide the ROI to the business and from a IT perspective they're looking more around scalability a platform. They're looking at a enterprise architecture level. So Bizagi as a tool, which is an enterprise solution provides the ability for the business and IT to provide solutions in the marketplace to be much more comparative and it is set up in such a way that it can help them collaborate much more closely.

Krista White: So one of the things that people are talking about here at Driven is IT governance and being able to provide real governance solutions around your process and decision and RPA platforms. Tell me how Bizagi handles that IT governance piece.

Natish Pargal: Sure, so as I was talking earlier we ... From an operational point of view and agility and those kid of things, we think of it in three different ways. One is around agility, where you want to be quick like a marketplace. You want to provide that ability to be much more comparative. The second piece is being connected. You want to make sure that you have provide a consistent message across your enterprise, or you're working with your suppliers or your partners, or even devices for that matter and the third piece being engaging and providing the right information at the right time, to the right people, to make right decisions. So I think from that perspective you achieve your operational efficiency and speed. Now from an IT governance point of view, all of these factors help you. From a Bizagi point of view to provide you the enterprise architecture as well as provide you the opportunity to move, how the checks and balances of any enterprise solution that will help you achieve that governance as required from and enterprise.

Krista White: So love the idea of checks and balances. Just to make sure that everyone can move at the pace that they want to move.

Natish Pargal: Exactly.

Krista White: Well thanks for sitting down with us and we look forward to seeing you again.

Natish Pargal: Yeah, it's my pleasure, thank you very much.

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