Cognitive Business Operations and Digital Process Automation

How is Cognitive Business Operations related to Digital Process Automation? Expert John Reynolds, details the differences between the two and their commonalities.

Director: Begin.

Interviewer: Did you say begin?

Director: We are ready whenever you guys are.

Interviewer: Oh, okay. So, John, I guess I wanna know how BPM is the base from which cognitive business operations emerge. How is cognitive business operations related to business process management at all?

John: Well, at the outset, the objective of business process management is to improve the efficiency of your business operations, and the objective of cognitive business operations is to improve your business operations, to improve the efficiency of your business operations. So they're really ... They have the same goal.

John: In BPM, what we have done is we analyze the business, and we essentially write a script. We write a script for how your processes should be executed, and then this script is executed by an automated process manager.

John: In cognitive business operations, instead of writing a script, what we do is we provide information on how your business runs to a learning system that then learns how to guide a process through its various steps to completion.

Interviewer: Do you see cognitive business operations taking over where process was king?

John: It depends. It depends on the circumstances. There are some processes that are so well-defined, so predictable that we can map out all of the possible paths through a process. Traditional BPM will always be a great solution for those kind of processes.

John: The same is true in cognitive business operations. At its heart, it's still process management. It's still business process management. We're just substituting a learning system for a hard-coded definition.

John: If your company wants to adopt cognitive business operations, you really must start with a strong foundation in business process management. In a very real sense, cognitive business operations is just the next level of automation of business processes, and without that firm understand of what it takes to analyze your processes and come up with the best approach for automating your business processes, your investment in cognitive business operations is likely to be worthless.

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