An Exciting Time for Digital Operations & Pharma

An Exciting Time for Digital Operations & Pharma

Watch now to hear why It is such an exciting time for Digital Operations in Pharma, and why exactly that is.

Larry Taber sits down with Krista to detail the industrial revolution taking place in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Speaker 1: Thanks Larry for joining us today. Today we are discussing why it's an exciting time for digital operations in pharma. Larry, let's just cut to the chase. Why is it an exciting time?

Larry: Let me answer that by saying that first and foremost it's about a scientific and medical revolution that's taking place. Just to put that into context, imagine years ago all we had were large groups of people, broad masses of populations of individuals that we tried to treat with chemicals and we might hit the patients, we might not. Nowadays we're looking at targeted therapies that go direct to patients. So the patients themselves, their genomes are identifying for us what we ought to be targeting. That means that we're opening up an entire universe of digital information that patients themselves are giving to us and it's bringing the patients closer to the pharmaceutical industry and therefore digital is now the new tool to be able to drive us forward in terms of scientific innovation.

Speaker 1: And so with digital and connected patients and connected bits from hospital providers and pharmaceutical companies, where is digital operations really falling?

Larry: Well, I think the new realization probably happens most in the clinic trial setting. So as we're bringing a new drug through the pipeline, we need to bring together the technical information about the drug itself but we're also needing to exchange information with various providers, patients with our physicians, patients with the clinicians. And then that information is going all the way back to the discovery scientists so that they can make improvements in terms of how the medications or the treatments might move us from what has historically been maybe just the monitoring or management of symptoms now putting us into a place where we can actually look at curing diseases.

Speaker 1: Well, that's great and I can't wait for that. That's a scientific discovery we're all looking forward to.

Speaker 1: Thank you for joining us today and we look forward to talking to you some more.

Larry: Sure. Thank you.

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