Becoming Chairman of BP3

  • January 12, 2016
  • Lance

BP3 is on a roll.  We’re into our 9th year in business and things are better than ever – we just concluded a record quarter, and a record year.  We’re entering 2016 with some fantastic opportunities in front of us as our team scales up to meet our customers’ needs.  The biggest part of how we got here is the team we’ve assembled – it is my belief that we have the best BPM software and services team in the world right here at BP3.  It was always our goal, and remains a key way that we measure success at BP3: Do we have all the right resources, in all the right places.

And for me, this is the best time for me to focus on the role of Chairman full time and hand over the CEO reins to my partner in crime throughout these years, Scott Francis, while I move into a coaching and strategic role as Chairman and co-founder.  

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing this journey with Scott and it has been nothing less than incredible. At this stage in BP3’s growth we need someone focused full time on strategy versus operations. That is why the path forward for me is not to double down on process and operations but to help craft and refine the longer term vision of BP3 and coach our team to greater success.

I am fortunate to have a co-founder in Scott who excels at running the business and building the team!  I can’t think of a better person to become the next CEO of BP3.  I’m honored to be his sounding board and now he can hear my voice with even more fidelity as he leads the next leg of our journey.  My last action as CEO, handing the baton to my friend and co-founder, may be the most gratifying yet. 

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