John Reynolds: Disappearing BPM Programmer?

  • November 2, 2011
  • Scott

John Reynolds writes about the curious case of the disappearing BPM Programmer:

So where does this distinction between Case and Process leave the BPM Programmer?  Are BPM skills irrelevant in the new world of Dynamic Case Management and Social Process?  Are the BPM Programmer’s skills doomed for irrelevance every few years just as the skills of System Programmers (C begat C++ begat Java begat Ruby etc.)?

Will BPM Programmers disappear into the mists of interesting but irrelevant oddities of the past?

The question arises simply because a small but vocal chorus has been calling BPM a subset of Case Management, or predicting the end is near for BPM. Does that mean BPM skills and jobs are thus in decline?

Not to worry.  BPM was always the tool not the goal.  The goal is managing business better.  As the Navy Seals would say, equip the man, don’t man the equipment. BPM is a means to an end.

Processes aren’t going away anytime soon.  Besides, as John says: “Your job has always been about writing software the Manage Business. Process is at the core of Business Management, but you always had to deal with Objects, Rules, and Events.”

Well said.  BPM is here to stay.  It didn’t burn brightly and fade away, it is a slower, steadier progression.  As you would expect it to be, if you understand what it is.  And the momentum is still building, rather than fading.  The name may change, the tools may evolve, but the goal of running businesses better isn’t going away.


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