Jobs and the Economy

  • March 2, 2010
  • Scott

The summary of an MIT Enterprise Forum’s gathering of 3 economists seemed to be optimistic, but with major caveats and concerns.  With three bubbles in our rear view mirror (, oil, and banking/real-estate), the concern has turned to a potential fourth bubble: cash (when there’s too much of it, inflation can eat away at it too quickly).

Here in Austin, a major new shopping center has opened (phase 2 of the Domain), and the tallest building in Austin is nearly complete (the Austonian, apparently the largest residential tower in Texas).  Meanwhile, Facebook is opening an office and hiring 200 people in Austin.  And co-working facilities seem to be doing well, while providing a good support network for small businesses. So perhaps the better-than-average local economy is influencing my optimistic outlook.

Meanwhile, the Senate has passed a $15B jobs bill. I don’t know if anything in the bill will affect our business directly, but we make our decisions without regard to tax effects (generally that seems like putting the cart before the horse), and from what we can see the environment is still favorable for BPM software and deployments – businesses are investing in process improvement, and BPM.  And big software companies are investing in BPM software (witness the acquisition activity of December and January).  Its a good time to be focused on BPM.

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