jBPM supporting BPMN2

  • December 10, 2009
  • Scott

Pretty interesting update from Joram Barrez on jBPM – looks like it now supports BPMN2.0. (or, more accurately, it will come January 1st).

Its a pretty interesting look under the hood of one of the top open-source solutions in the BPM space.  The BPMN2 implementation uses the jBoss PVM (process virtual machine) to execute the BPMN, rather than transforming BPMN into BPEL  or JPDL or some other XML format.

jBPM also gives the developer a good Java programmatic interface into the BPM engine implementation (and, the processes it runs).

This sort of development effort does make me wonder if, eventually, we’ll have a fairly standardized open-source BPMN engine with commercial products that incorporate it in different ways (picture Apache or jBoss as examples, or the WebKit in the browser world).  Hard to say if jBPM (or key pieces like PVM) will turn out to be that open-source engine of choice, but at least from the blog posts it seems like they’re taking an intelligent and focused approach.

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