Iterating BPM Models with In-Flight Instances

  • July 11, 2012
  • Scott

Edward Borner discusses the affects of agile development on your unsuspecting BPM models.  Including pictures of BPDs and the whole nine yards.

Two key areas are covered:

  1. unfinished processes, and
  2. changing tasks

The first one is a bit novel – pausing a process instance before it completes- so that implementation may be finished later.  The second is more common – changes in the process, and how you route the BPD flows to avoid breaking existing instances.

As Edward points out, migrating versions may include additional fixes (and therefore risks). But if you simply take a snapshot of the production version, and make a single change to it, you should be able to make an isolated change and avoid some of the modeling changes he outlines (if you choose).  Either approach is perfectly valid, and entails its own book-keeping efforts.  Nice to see some very practical examples on the blog! Thanks for sharing, Edward.


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