Is the Future of Management BPM?

  • August 11, 2011
  • Scott

Mike Gammage on Sourcing Shangri-La:

To avoid continually tripping up, to be able to implement Management 2.0 thinking, the enterprise needs a cortex, a way of pulling it all together:  an integrated management platform.  And its language has to be end-to-end business process because that can be universally understood across the enterprise. So it’s a BPM platform.

In the BPM platform, business process becomes the key by which we describe what the enterprise does, and how it all fits together – and how we analyse what the impact of change will be.

But it goes way beyond this. The BPM platform integrates process with real-time metrics, risks and controls, compliance and quality management – all within one governance framework. It deploys process to every desktop and mobile device as a personalized intelligent operations manual.  It also provides the collaborative framework that enables a culture of continuous improvement.

Worth reading the whole thing.  I’m still digesting it.  Well, partly I’m still getting over the use of “2.0” on yet another word.  But Mike makes good points about balancing the need for autonomy and innovation with the need for predictability or compliance.  In fact, a similar discussion broke out on ebizQ recently, with Ian Gotts and Theo Priestley representing two ends of the spectrum quite well.  As I noted in my own comment: “you want innovation, but not in *every* aspect of your business.”


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