Is Programming Hard? Is BPM Hard?

  • January 11, 2010
  • Scott

Good article by John Reynolds on the age-old question:  is Programming Hard?  We’ve often argued that BPM suites make implementing processes easier by giving the business and technical participants in process implementation a common language for discussing the process.  It doesn’t mean that BPMN is ideal for either party, it just means that it helps bridge the gap in communications between them.

Another key concept is to understand the fundamental entities that the process is interacting with, and to model their lifecycles and attributes, from a business perspective. Modeling both can lead to a fuller understanding of the process problem.

John sums up the point pretty well:

That’s the key to making “business” programming easier… Build more tools that help programmers and their clients “make their maps” and build more software engines that “follow those maps”.  This isn’t a new idea – software modeling tools have been around for decades, but they’ve often lost their way and focused on modeling the software engineering aspects rather than the business requirement aspects of the problem.

That’s the key – because these tools have to be built by software engineers, they often turn introspective and lose sight of the end goal of being more inclusive – because by facilitating communication and consensus on requirements, we’re facilitating “easier” software development…

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