Is Lexmark the OpenText of Capture+BPM?

  • March 25, 2015
  • Scott

Once I tongue-in-cheek referred to OpenText as the “We buy houses” of BPM, but it appears that Lexmark is following in its footsteps, albeit with a focus on document capture as well as BPM.  Not really a fair comparison as they’re both charting different courses with respect to BPM.

“BPM is a perfect complement to Perceptive Software’s content-driven ECM solutions; it strengthens the impact of the context side of our ‘content in context’ approach,” said Scott Coons, Perceptive Software’s president and chief executive officer and Lexmark vice president.

“The addition of Kofax immediately enhances Lexmark’s industry-leading enterprise content management and business process management offerings. In the capture technology field, the combination of Kofax’s smart process applications with Perceptive Intelligent Capture will create the broadest and deepest portfolio of capture solutions in the market, ranging from Web portals and mobile devices to smart MFPs.”

In a not-unnoticed bit of irony, a former IBM division has now bought 3 “BPM” software vendors, competing with the mother ship IBM BPM.

All of this news follows closely on the heals of KofaxTransform – which Sandy Kemsley had great coverage of here. I’m curious what she and other BPM analysts will think of the acquisition.  This should make for interesting conversation at bpmNEXT next week!  I’ll try to find out if everyone gets a printer in this deal…




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  • And on a personal note… I had to update my bpmNext slides 🙂
    Perceptive seems pretty cool:
    This should be fun.

    • looking forward to the water cooler conversation 🙂 not to mention, the reunion aspect of seeing you at the conference! congrats again!

  • Wow, I absolutely did not see that coming. Kofax was on an acquisition streak of its own; I thought there was something else there, but perhaps it was just about bulking up to make itself more of an appealing acquisition target…

    • yeah, to be honest could have written this about kofax, they’ve picked up a few bpm-related companies over the last few years (including Kapow).

      • Not really Scott… Kofax has acquired quite a few companies, but with few exceptions they’ve extended and complemented the capabilities rather than overlap.

        Kapow is fantastic – but not BPM (even though it did win best in show at bpmNext last year).
        Kapow specifically deals with the process of retrieving data from the web and any number of other data stores (including Excel documents), and provides that information via what we call synthetic APIs. It’s 100% automated.

        It integrates well with pretty much any BPM system – and seamlessly with TotalAgility.

        TotalAgility is the true BPM/Case Management descendant of Singularity on which the Kofax Smart Process Applications are built.

        Altosoft Insights provide Process Intelligence for TotalAgility processes and your wider business. There were some features in TotalAgility that overlapped, and they’ve been replaced with the superior Altosoft capabilities.

        Note that Kofax also has specialized “process” handling for the capture and transformation of documents, and significant features for improving those specific processes. Those specific capabilities have been fully incorporated into TotalAgility.

        I’ll be demoing this on Tuesday and will be delighted to get your impressions.

        And to Emiel – I absolutely loved Pallas Athena, and am really looking forward to working with you.

        • Awesome. Now I understand 10x more than I did yesterday on what Lexmark/Kofax have in the BPM arena.
          And what I meant to say is, this is a great reason to be blogging – to get access into your understanding John, and to have you knowing me well enough to know what I don’t know so you can fill me in 🙂

          Looking forward to Tuesday!

    • I was a surprised as you Neil.

      • I was as surprised as you guys 😉

  • Emiel Kelly

    Please let me know what you came up with during BPMnext and I’ll tell you if you’re right.


    Emiel (former Pallas Athena, now Lexmark)

    btw, don’t call them printers, they are Smart MFP’s 😉

    • Emiel for some reason I didn’t know you were at Lexmark 🙂
      Smart MFPs! good call. I’ll make sure to use the right terminology! 😉

      • Emiel Kelly

        Maybe Lexmark also doesn’t know I am at them 😉 is my personal BPM thing.