Interns, thank you

  • August 15, 2012
  • Scott

We just wrapped up our second summer with interns in the BP3 office, but this is the first year you could call it a “program” – where it was really quite well organized and managed, and we had more than one intern.

We’ve talked about our interns before, but I just wanted to take this space to say thank you.  We brought them away to Austin for the summer, and we threw a set of interesting and ill-defined projects their way. They did a great job of filling in the white space, and by the end of the summer, they were anticipating the right direction for their projects without much input from us.

Our interns energized our Austin-based team, helped us push a couple of great ideas from concept to prototype to internal release, and have set the course for quite a few innovations.  On the other hand, I think BP3 did our part: we gave them a chance to learn new languages and tools, and apply those to projects.  We gave them a chance to safely make mistakes without fearing failure.  We fed them really well.  And we got them cowboy boots as souvenirs of a fantastic summer. We also showed no mercy at the ping pong table.

We’re going to do it again next year.  And it will be good. And I hope we’ve made a small difference in the career opportunities for all four of our interns this year.  Thanks you guys!

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  • It’s hard to hear your no mercy claim from way up at the top of the ping pong ladder.

    •  Bring your A-game on Friday 🙂