Intalio Results are In

  • February 8, 2013
  • Scott

I haven’t been following Intalio closely since Ishmael moved on.  But they just posted about their Q4 results, and in the interest of making comparisons with Appian‘s results, we should review their statements as well.

Obviously things are going well for Intalio relative to Q4 2011:

“As we closed out 2012, we saw record revenue across all aspects of the business. And now, we have an amazing level of new activity as we start 2013.” said Raj Jain, CEO.

With a 70% year over year growth rate, a nearly 80% renewal rate and new customers and partners across every geography and every product line, Q4 was our most successful quarter ever.” said Jain.

I’d say this represents additional data that there’s room for BPM to do well, despite the big players in the space, and the aggregation in the business.

But the downside to this report is that we don’t have a good baseline.  70% year over year is a fantastic growth rate, but I don’t know if they’re referring to customers, contracts, employees, or revenue (we’ll assume revenue).  And I don’t know how 80% renewal compares to historical rates, and don’t have enough context to judge whether that is a good rate or not.

This is the tough part about sharing part of the good news.  I think companies like Intalio and Appian would benefit from disclosing revenue in these reports, but perhaps they have reason to think otherwise.

Despite the lack of transparency, it is good to see these and other independent BPM vendors doing well!

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