#IBMInterconnect: BPM in the Palm of Your Hand… or on your Wrist!

  • February 15, 2016
  • Scott

MobileNote: you can find BP3’s sessions at IBM Interconnect here.

This year at Interconnect, BP3 is participating in 4 great sessions that will help any BPM practitioners out there raise their game.  This week we’ll publish a series of blogs about these sessions – they’re worth adding to your schedule!  You can find all of the BP3 sessions here.

In the first session, Andrew Paier – our VP of BP Labs – joins Ivan Kornienko – our Director of UI/UX – to revisit BPM in the Palm of Your Hand – a hit presentation at last year’s Interconnect.  This year learn how to create a better mobile experience for your mobile workforce, and how to seamlessly include the Apple Watch in your experience.

BEK-5003: BPM in the Palm of Your Hand… Or Even on Your Wrist
Andrew Paier & Ivan Kornienko
“BPM in the palm of your hand” was a hit at last year’s Interconnect, and it is real today. What about BPM on your wrist? The Apple Watch creates opportunities to provide subtle but noticeable cues for inbound actions that require attention. Join us to learn how to create a better customer experience for your mobile workforce, and hear about specific use cases for Apple Watch notifications in a process context—a streamlined, end-to-end notification and work source for every user everywhere in the world. We will walk through three customer use cases that put the power of mobile BPM behind the business to drive real change.

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