IBM Recognizes Champions in a Video

  • May 5, 2013
  • Scott

You can’t see the company affiliation, but bonus points to those of you who spot two Champions from BP3 in this video.  Andrew Paier and I have determined that we have faces for radio, and perhaps this video thing isn’t going to be our future career direction!

But we all had fun, and it was a nice ice-breaker with other IBM Champions and friends.

Also, in general, Daphne De Flavia and Justin Liu did a great job with the Champions program this year.  IBM should be thanking these two big-time for engaging with some of IBM’s best advocates and making them feel loved!  It was a big step up in engagement from IBM, compared to 2012, and there was more recognition from Champions and IBMers alike of the program.  I think its impact still hasn’t filtered out to customers, but with this year’s coverage of fellow Champions I’m pretty sure customers will start to notice as well.

In addition to the Champions video, we had the Champions corner presentations, a reception for Champions on Sunday night, and we were invited to the VIP Client reception.  They also set up meetings for me with IBMers I wouldn’t normally get to meet, including Mike Riegel.  One thing I walked away with was a feeling of our hard work for our mutual customers being very much appreciated.

Recommendation for next year:  Set aside two rooms for the duration of the conference for a “Champions track” – all sessions delivered by Champions on their areas of expertise.  I think these would be very popular sessions, as well as extremely valuable to IBM customers and partners.

I’m sure there will be more videos to share soon!


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