• April 13, 2016
  • Scott


In 2014 we acquired a business in the United Kingdom, to join our current team members in Portugal and Ukraine and form the center of gravity of our operations in Europe.  For a business our size, it was a huge risk to take financially and organizationally, but a risk worth taking.  It was one of those times where having a co-founder partnership that worked really paid off.  Lance and I could help cover for each other while we helped get the business integrated and operating.

Ever since, I’ve been heading to Europe 3-4 times a year to connect with our team and customers.  On our last trip, I had the pleasure of visiting Holland.  Our team continues to do great work earning our customers’ trust every day, and I love that our culture of commitment and competency is so consistent on both sides of the Atlantic. 

We had a good two days of meetings with customers and business associates in Holland, including a nice 2-hour presentation from James Taylor to one of our customers, covering a broad range of Decision Management topics for a room full of software architects.  There’s a clear window of opportunity in the market to leverage the strengths of decision management and business process.  Listening to James talk about DMN, the tooling and approaches he leverages – it was a good warm up act. More to come.  Thank you James for contributing your wisdom!






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  • Scott – it was great to be able to participate and talk to some of your clients about Decision Management, decision modeling and DMN. I am looking forward to working with you and with them!

    • Always great partnering with you to educate customers on the art of the possible with DMN and Process – so much good can come out of this intersection of schools of thought. Looking forward to doing more of these!