Fujitsu Acquires RunMyProcess

  • April 9, 2013
  • Scott

I hope someone writes about this that knows more about RunMyProcess and Fujitsu’s offerings than I do.  But today I saw in the news that Fujitsu has acquired the French startup (details remain private):

The acquisition will also allow Fujitsu to offer clients partial cloud solutions, instead of massive all-in-one projects. The approach taken by RunMyProcess is less dramatic than fully cloud-based solutions, which often try to move existing software onto remote servers. It is also cheaper, with plans that run from from US$40 per year. […]

Separately, Fujitsu said it will also launch a new software development center in the U.S., which will become the hub of its cloud-based services business.

The obvious gain are a set of API connectors to Google Apps, Salesforce, etc.  I also wonder if one of the stars of bpmNEXT, Keith Swenson, will be involved in the development center established in the US for its cloud-based services, or if that is separate from the BPM offerings. Time will tell!

On the flip side, I think this also illustrates how hard it is to build an enterprise cloud services startup (or at least cloud BPM startup) from scratch.  It takes a lot of paying customers to pay the bills, and no one is paying in advance, so you don’t have a cashflow advantage of an early software sale.  However, if you can turn the corner then you have a very healthy predictable business going forward.

So the trend toward consolidation in BPM continues – and as bpmNEXT demonstrated, the innovation continues as well!

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