For Release: Brazos UI Toolkit 3 Released

  • June 23, 2014
  • Scott

BP3 (, leaders in BPM services, has announced a substantial update to its Brazos UI toolkit to coincide with the release of IBM BPM 8.5.5.  The Brazos UI toolkit, designed to provide end users with a customizable, user friendly interface for IBM BPM, is currently in use in at least 44 live deployments and has over 450 registered developers.

A notable update to the Brazos UI Toolkit is the inclusion of Brazos Charts, which allows users to easily incorporate graphical information into BPM coaches and dashboards in order to visualize data.  Brazos Charts includes stacked and grouped bar charts, horizontal bar charts, line and area charts, pie charts and bullet charts.  Other key additions to the Brazos UI toolkit include Cards Coach View, which quickly presents editable data as a scrollable collection of cards or as a carousel, and Data Table Coach View, a high performance display and interaction with large sets of tabular data.  

The Brazos UI toolkit retains the rich, iconic design scheme, responsive layout, customizable look and feel and complex data manipulation capabilities included in previous version of the toolkit.  As with all components of the Brazos Suite, the updates to the Brazos UI toolkit are fully responsive and mobile.

“The additions to the Brazos UI toolkit dramatically enhance the IBM BPM user experience,” said BP3 Co-Founder and CTO, Scott Francis.  “With Brazos UI we’re bringing a modern user experience to BPM.  The popularity of Brazos proves the demand for great user experiences for enterprise processes.”

Brazos UI Toolkit v3 is available for immediate download on BP3’s website.  Users can register online to receive the toolkit for free:


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