Flournoy Henry joins BP3

  • May 13, 2008
  • Scott

Recently, Flournoy Henry joined the BP3 team. Flournoy is an 18-year veteran from Aflac, where he was deeply involved in the business and information technology of the insurance business. In his last four years, he has been a BPM catalyst at Aflac. He led six major BPM process implementations and numerous major enhancements to each of those initiatives. Flournoy ran the technical evaluation of BPM software at Aflac, and then became the chief practitioner of BPM software there.

As an early adopter of Lombardi’s Teamworks®, Flournoy has been a leading voice (literally) in the BPM community by speaking at every Lombardi customer conference, speaking at Forrester and Gartner conferences, and participating in the community by providing the benefit of his experience and philosophy. If you’re a Lombardi customer, or a BPM follower, you probably know who Flournoy is.

Mr. Henry will be taking the lead on customer projects on behalf of BP3, leveraging his Lombardi Teamworks expertise and his industry knowledge to provide a great value for our customers. But most of all, we’re giving him the chance to paint on a bigger canvas – to evangelize, to help shape strategy and culture around providing value for the business first, and to craft the technology strategy to support the business goals.

Hope you’ll join us in welcoming Flournoy to the team!

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