Eight years

  • September 1, 2015
  • Scott


Eight is a lucky number in China.  When my wife’s company had its eighth anniversary she rented a cupcake food trailer and drove to 8 stops around town (customers’ addresses) and delivered custom cupcakes!  We’re not quite as hip at BP3, but I sure am glad to have been here for 8 years.

How fitting that in our Eighth year we have some accomplishments I wouldn’t have imagined when we started:

Perhaps the only part I could easily imagine was working with a great team – because I knew from day 1 that Lance and I wouldn’t settle for anything less. We’d rather be a 2 person consulting company than to compromise on quality.  We believed we could build an organization that was bigger than Lombardi’s services arm was when we left in 2007 – and we’ve done that and moreso.

And yet here we are after 8 years, and the view in front of us looks as promising as ever. I see great opportunities across a number of avenues… and increasingly, I get to turn all of our learnings about process improvement to our own business. As our scale increases, the opportunity for process improvement increases.  And the opportunities to just do things better keep showing up at our door.  And this is what I love about building the business here.




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  • David Herring

    What a fantastic picture!!!!

    • thanks! next time -aerial drone? 🙂