Incorporating RPA software into your business processes can save a substantial amount of time and money for your company. RPA eliminates the time spent on repetitive decisions and simple processes. This allows your employees to focus on more complex tasks and be more productive throughout the day. With automation, your business can also avoid human errors that often eat up unnecessary time and effort.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that involves the use of software robots to perform tasks that were initially performed by humans. Traditional automation technologies typically orchestrate interactions with back-end systems, which are hidden from the users. This traditional approach requires access to comprehensive integrations for each and every system involved in the automation. Frequently, these integrations are not readily available or accessible; especially for older systems.

Instead of building these back-end integrations, RPA utilizes existing front-end interfaces for automation. An RPA bot will interact with the computer desktop and windows, as if it were a human worker, and perform the tasks that a human would normally perform.

Imagine sitting a robot down in front of a computer. This robot will would perform all the same operations that a human would — only faster, more accurate, and available at all times. It can read an entire screen in a matter of seconds, determine what it needs to do immediately, and retain all the information in its memory in order to complete a multitude of tasks. It will also click buttons, open web pages, search, and type out information just like any human.

Robotic Process Automation BENEFITS

If you run a retail company, implementing RPA can streamline production aspects and take care of a variety of customer service actions such as processing returns, orders or shipments. RPA can also be highly beneficial for banks and finance divisions by automating certain billing tasks and areas of data entry.

An RPA bot can also determine when it doesn’t how to proceed, and notify a human to help make a decision. When the bot encounters these uncertain cases, it can help discover more complex rules in the process that can be further defined and automated by an RPA bot. In addition, RPA bots can be enabled to leverage Artificial Intelligence in order to fully understand what they’re doing and determine the best course of action on their own.


BP3’s Robotic Process Automation is different from others because we not only offer software but also provide hands-on service. Our team collaborates with your staff to pinpoint company-wide processes that can be automated. We align with your goals to make sure you are getting the most out of our software, saving your business the maximum amount of time and money.

Our software doesn’t need to change the underlying code of your existing business processes. That’s because our RPA integrates into your interfaces with ease.

Read about how BP3 helped a customer create the space to handle 50% growth in a business line without adding additional headcount and watch our video about how RPA truly works in the real world.

Robotic Process Automation FEATURES

Saves time and money for your business

Eliminates human error by automating routine business processes

Seamlessly integrates into your interfaces without changing existing codes

BP3 collaborates with your team to maximize areas of automation