Purchasing a product. Completing an employee task. Filling out an online form. These are all examples of processes that help a business run. Process management is the act of improving existing actions or creating completely new processes to upgrade your business and undergo digital transformation.

Think of process management as the umbrella that incorporates aspects such as decision management and robotic process automation (RPA). Process management deals with entire processes and reworking their structure to streamline everything from customer experience to employee productivity.

Stages of Process Management

BP3 uses five stages to rework or reimagine your business processes.

First, we brainstorm and collaborate with your staff to develop ideas as to how your digital presence could improve.

Second, we discover how a new process offers a solution to a specific problem. For example, the proposal of a new shipment process can help solve problems of delayed deliveries or missing shipments.

Third, we define exactly what components we’ll need to implement to make this new process possible – like adding an artificial intelligence (AI) feature.

The delivery stage is next. This is the actual phase of deploying the new business process on your user interface.

The final stage is an ongoing process of measuring the success of your new program(s). We also make adjustments to improve potential shortcomings that we find with the new process.

The Broad Perspective of Process Management

So, what’s the point of purchasing our process management service versus employing need-specific services such as RPA? What sets process management apart from other features is that it’s a holistic method to improving your business. It doesn’t just take a snapshot of where you can automate part of a process. It looks at the broad process itself. Our process management also evaluates your customer interaction in addition to your employee workflow.

Process management tackles larger aspects of your digital presence by creating new processes that can help bring your business to the forefront of your field. By executing new processes, your company can showcase a uniform structure, making it easier for your business to operate.

Process Management Service Features

Ideating improvements to existing processes or creating entirely new processes

Providing a uniform structure across your digital presence

Transforming your digital operations for the customer and employee

Executing new processes while reviewing and maintaining successes