JOURNEY MAPPING & the Customer Experience

Remember the days before GPS and Google Maps? The times when getting to and from Point A to Point B required planning ahead and mapping routes on actual pieces of paper? Society has greatly evolved when it comes to easily finding a point of interest now. That same evolution applies to journey mapping.

What is Journey Mapping?

Journey mapping tells the story of your customers’ experiences. It identifies the steps and processes they make as they interact with your product or service. BP3’s journey mapping service follows a customer’s progress and recognizes his or her key touchpoints, emotions, and motivations to uncover problems in a users experience – whether that be abandoning an online shopping cart or simply bouncing off of a page.

Journey mapping could show that a customer is interested in your product but that your website is disorganized or the purchasing process requires too much work. Thus, he or she abandons the quest.

Tracking a customer’s activities can also help manifest his or her emotions. Journey mapping a customer’s experience for an airline can include many touchpoints including the checking-in process, in-flight conditions, arrival time and even the ride to get to the customer’s intended destination. Our service can identify the emotions of that customer during each activity and provide a solution to improve each portion of the experience from start to finish. If your customer feels uncomfortable during the in-flight touchpoint, we can recommend perks to add comfort such as mood lighting or a greater selection of meals and entertainment.

How Can Journey Mapping Benefit Your Business?

Journey mapping and the customer experience truly go hand-in-hand. By following your customers’ interactions with your product, you can get to the heart of their needs, target problems and offer solutions so they are happier overall. When your customers are happier, it can lead to greater profit and more return customers.

Journey Mapping Service Features

In-depth look at your customers’ journey with your brand

Identifies key points in customer process as well as abandonment tracking

Shows motivations and emotions of your customers

Pinpoints problems and offers solutions to improve customer experience