Solve Problems with DESIGN THINKING

BP3’s goal is to align your team and equip them with the best data so you can take clear decisive action towards achievable solutions.

Unlike other providers, our DNA is in delivering solutions. That’s what makes our approach different. Our best in class design facilitation combines deep understanding of systems and technology with creative problem solving techniques. This ensures that solutions are feasible, and not ideas that will be impossible to implement.


What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a method of problem solving that uses a human-centric mindset. This method of working capitalizes on the diversity and collective intelligence of your team. It creates opportunities to experiment, and encourages innovation by allowing you to learn by doing. Design Thinking leads to improved customer satisfaction, faster time to market, and competitive differentiation.

What is a Design Thinking Workshop?

Design thinking workshops engage a variety of hands on techniques to encourage creative problem solving and innovative thinking. The structured activities of a workshop create an environment that overcomes political barriers and where all members feel heard. That means stakeholders get aligned behind the BEST solution.

At BP3 our design and facilitation discipline sets us far apart from other business software companies. We offer workshop facilitation services to enable discovery and ideation, and week-long design sprints that catalyze innovation.

Our Design Thinking Process

We work side by side with your team to uncover the best data, facilitate plausible solutions, and solve big problems. We will show you how to test your ideas and learn from them to create iterative improvement.

Our process includes:

Discovery: Deep dive to gather data about technologies, system limitations, and user behavior.

Frame: Find patterns in user behavior, question assumptions, and define goals.

Ideate: Explore possible solutions through structured activities that discover the best ideas for thoughtful experimentation.

Prototype and Test: Create fast, small, low risk experiments that allow us to test our ideas. Learn and refine.

Scale: Deliver the solution. Evaluate impact. Revise deliverables, and iterate towards improved outcomes.

Design Thinking & Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is a powerful tool we use during a design thinking workshop. This method allows you and your employees to better understand your customers’ pain points and mimics their entire journey or interaction with your brand (website, program and/or product) from start to finish. This will help define your focus and reveal opportunities for improving customer success during a design thinking workshop.

Design Thinking Features

Design thinking helps solve complex problems in your business and leads to improved experience.

Design thinking workshops aligns stakeholders and employees from varying roles to help provide a better perspective on your company’s needs.

We use journey maps to connect customer pain points to opportunities for operational improvement, understanding their interaction with your UI, product and/or services.

Our skilled facilitators will help lead your design thinking workshop to outline goals, create a plan of action, implement a solution, and review effects.