Imagine your business as a car. If you open the hood, you’ll see an engine, rotator, radiator, battery and host of other intricate parts. Each component serves a purpose and works in conjunction with others so the car drives, starts, and functions as you expect it to.

What are Business Processes?

Business processes are the “parts” that make your company run. A trade settlement within a finance company, production line of a manufacturing business or inventory-to-customer purchase at a retail establishment are all examples of business processes that are necessary for success.

Brazos Data Analytics

BP3 provides an in-depth look at your business processes in real time. We also review trends to create a predictive model. Our data mining and analysis locates problems and provides solutions to streamline your processes – saving time and money for your business. In addition to designing solutions for process problems, we offer an overall strategy to help you optimize your business and increase your end-user customer satisfaction.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why our Brazos Analytics adapts for the unique needs and processes of any industry or vertical. We pull each of our client’s data into an elasticsearch database. Once we compile that information into a single database, we build dashboards based on the needs that we identify. We will work with each of our clients to choose a front-end software that is desirable and fits their budget. Through our data deep dive and custom analytics configuration, we are able to meet the goals of unlocking your business’ true potential.

Brazos Data Analytics Features

Real-time and historical analytics

Cost and time reduction through data mining and analytics

Suggested changes to business processes

Recommendations to improve overall business strategy

Elasticsearch database that combines all data analytics

Custom dashboards to suit your unique processes