Improve Customer Experience with DATA INSIGHT SERVICES

You’ve designed and built a custom solution to support digital operations, but do you know how users are interacting with it? Through Brazos CX Insights Services, BP3 is able to track how users are interacting with your business solution. We can pinpoint where and when your customers are running into difficulties to fix any problems.


By harnessing the power of data analytics and insights, BP3 can uncover user behavior. We provide heat mapping technology to locate usage and error metrics within each facet of the user interface. UI developers can then utilize usage patterns to identify where improvements need to be made in your solution.

Usage tracking is a pivotal method in determining where users are encountering issues. Identifying problems with user experience or implementation — load times, validation errors, or form usage — helps solution architects understand how the design impacts the end user.

Location also plays a significant role in the success of a product or service. BP3’s localized feedback explores the ongoing interaction of users and your interface within a defined area. Results can then be used to create a UI that is more assimilated to the local needs.


Brazos CX Insights Services, in addition to several other metrics that BP3 employs, allow businesses to gain an insider perspective on how their customers are moving throughout your organization’s user interface. The discoveries made can then be used to create a more streamlined online experience for your consumers.

The solution lies in the problem. To provide a flawless user experience, our service locates the problems that keep your business from reaching its maximum potential.

Brazos CX Services FEATURES

Constant user experience data analytics

Heat maps to visually see problems in the user interface

Abandonment tracking

Localized feedback for global deployments of your user interface

Ongoing suggestions for improvement