UI Toolkit for Business Process Automation Software: BRAZOS PLATFORM

Your user interface (UI) is more than just a design – it’s the first impression of your brand both for your customers and your employees. It’s the way people interact with your company in the digital sphere. BP3’s Brazos User Experience Framework allows for simplistic controls and elegant layouts that can transform your user interface into a flawless customer experience.
Brazos User Experience Framework works with most Process Automation Engines.

Simplified Development For User Interface Design

Not everyone can be an expert in UI design. With all the complexities of running a business, building an online interface from scratch can be low on your to-do list. The Brazos User Experience Framework simplifies this process so that individuals with little to no knowledge of UI design can build a new interface with ease.

What sets our product apart from others is the simplicity. Developers using BP3’s UI toolkit for business process automation software will not be bombarded with a superfluous amount of design options and convoluted coding. Rather, we provide fewer controls in addition to built-in analytics, requiring less effort from a developer. What your end users are left with is a clean and easy-to-follow design.

A Digital Process Automation Software that Saves Time & Money

Not only is our framework a comprehensive toolkit for creating an engaging user interface, it also saves your company time. Our clients, including Fortune 500 companies, reported a 35% reduction in development efforts. With that reduction in time which also saves money – we allow your team members to focus on their jobs rather than having to learn UI.

The Brazos User Experience Framework cuts down on the delivery time for your new user interface, meaning it’s in front of your customers and potential customers faster. In addition to our comprehensive online and mobile UI designs, we offer customizable interfaces to suit the needs of your unique company or industry. From start to finish, our product allows novices to take full control and bring your new user interface vision to life.

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Brazos User Experience Framework Features

50% reduction in development time

Built-in user analytics

Mobile-ready UI

Example process applications

Access to Brazos Support Team

Interface elements such as selection lists, date pickers, table controls, document uploads and calendars