Ever had a work task slip through the cracks? You made a note on your calendar about it, but with all of the day-to-day fires you’re putting out, you forgot to submit the assignment before the due date. Or perhaps you have so many generic task reminders that you’ve started to ignore them. With BP3’s Brazos Notifications, you can avoid frantic moments of panic and not miss an important task.

Brazos Notifications gives you the flexibility to customize task alerts for your digital business process without having to write a single line of code. Notifications listens to the events in your enterprise and delivers timely notifications and reminders letting you know a task has arrived or perhaps, is overdue.

Customization Options

The strongest aspect of Brazos Notifications is its adaptability. Notifications can be customized with business data from tasks out of a variety of systems. While we do offer a default template for notifications, we also provide the choice for task-specific templates.

For more complex tasks that may require multiple steps, we can help customize notifications that remind you of each component that is due to enhance your work progress. In addition to email notifications, our service can add reminders on Slack, mobile devices and more.

We understand that no employee is the same. Rather than implementing a rigid, uniform system, Brazos Notifications offers an individualized approach to setting reminders so that workflow is maximized and organized.

Brazos Notifications Service Features

Easy installation on your existing work portal

Default template which provides notifications for new tasks and deadline reminders

Allows for customization on any task

Cross-channel notifications for email, Slack, mobile and more