Derek Miers is Challenging our Assumptions

  • May 9, 2017
  • Scott

Derek Miers recently joined MWD Advisors, and came to bpmNEXT and gave a great talk on business process in the context of what’s going on around us.

First he challenged the room: If BPM is the silver bullet, why hasn’t it taken over yet? And the corollary was “do you believe in world peace yet?”   Well it hasn’t taken over for the same reason lots of other silver bullets haven’t – it doesn’t just work by itself does it? It requires real work to make it happen.  It isn’t tech – it’s people.  The human adoption factor has to be accounted for.

So how do you create a real passion for change?  Derek gave a great talk about how to do just that.

But also, he shared an analogy: The different bits of a car are not aware that they are parts. They don’t argue about what to do. They don’t have trouble sharing information. They smoothly and naturally work together.

But we as organizations tend to think about teams and organizations and who owns what and who does what. We need to give it air to breathe and space to help those parts get some practice just working well together and finding new ways to get the job done. Co-creation.



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