Day 1 from Lombardi Driven 2009 & Partner Conference

  • April 20, 2009
  • Scott

Day 1 of the Lombardi Driven Partner Conference covered a lot of ground.  Lombardi’s CEO, Rod Favaron, gave a good general update on the state of things  BPM and Lombardi.  Some clear themes emerged from the presentation and subsequent Q&A:

  1. Lombardi’s confidence in its ability to capture market share, and confidence the BPM Market is growing (27% estimated CAGR by analysts from 2005 to 2011!).
  2. Growth of the Blueprint footprint in terms of users and geography.
  3. Market awareness thanks to great billing from Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant, and increased focus on BPM thanks to a tough economy.
  4. Businesses are picking up Lombardi because of the business pressures they face- global processes with local variation (perhaps due to regulation); changing Service Level Agreements; increasing volume of process work despite no increase in revenue (due to economic circumstances).
  5. Dramatically increased focus on Partner enablement (as evidenced by the gathering itself!)

The rest of the day was full of great content for partners:  customer stories, competitive positioning, partner enablement programs, etc.  Plenty of fodder for a few more posts once we’ve had time to let the data sink in and synthesize it with the other data we have.  I was impressed by the quality and variety of partners – and by how many of them we know from prior lives at other companies.  We were definitely in good company.  Looking forward to more product-focused sessions tomorrow…  More to come!

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