Brazos + Brazos = Process in the Palm of Your Hand

  • February 23, 2015
  • David

[ Editor’s note:  You didn’t think we’d go to an IBM conference without updating Brazos, did you?  Of course you didn’t.  Brazos Portal 1.5 is another big step forward with shared views & templates, which further put it ahead of all other options for managing your process work.  We’re also offering the test drive, which provides a lens into the kind of customizations that are available for customers.

But we’re not done.  We also have a new version of Brazos Enterprise coming out at the end of the week, and a new version of Brazos Lite coming out after IBM BPM 8.5.6 ships.

And we’re still not done.  In addition to these releases, we’re noticing how many presenters at IBM’s Interconnect conference are using Brazos UI to deliver the very best User Interface experiences for their customers.  We’ll do our best to keep score and report back later on in the week, but there are, at a minimum, 5 sessions featuring Brazos UI as the UI delivery mechanism.  – Scott Francis ]

Brazos Portal v1.5.0 is now available for download.

Improvements in this version of the Brazos Portal include:

  • Shared Views – Portal admins can create multiple sets of groups, called views, that can be shared with specific users and groups allowing them to organize their tasks in multiple ways, or focus on a filtered list of tasks. A demo of the shared views can be seen in the “Shared Views” customization option on the live Brazos Portal Test Drive server. Shared views are available in customized versions of Brazos Portal.
  • Group Templates – Portal admins can define a default set of groups that will be populated for new Brazos Portal users at first login. This gives Brazos Portal users a predefined set of groups that they can then customize based on the way they want to work. Group Templates are available in customized versions of Brazos Portal.
  • The Brazos Portal Test Drive, available live on the Internet at, now includes examples of some customization options that could be yours with a paid support contract.
  • Bug fixes and other minor enhancements

View the release notes for the full details on the enhancements and bug fixes.


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