Brakoniecki on OpenText Competition

  • January 10, 2012
  • Scott

I liked Dave Brakoniecki’s analysis of OpenText’s December comments on their BPM strategy. Like Dave, I find it interesting that they think they’ll be most often running into Pega and IBM.  Dave’s thoughts:

OpenText probably need to acquire some rules technology to really compete with Pega and IBM. Shame that Progress snapped up Corticon a few days ago.

His analysis is spot-on in that without a rules engine, OpenText has a chink in the armor that the other vendors can exploit.  And they’re not exactly a pure play vendor that can appeal to the “best-of-breed” argument with their customers.  It just looks like a tough hill to climb.

Rules engines aren’t that complicated, per se.  It is thinking through the design of user interface and maintenance of these rule systems that is where the value is, and where the challenges are.  Incorporating them with a BPM suite is another interesting problem to solve, though one option is obviously to leave them loosely coupled.  I think OpenText has their work cut out for them to differentiate themselves in this market, but we’ll certainly have a chance to see how it develops.


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