BPM Delivery Process as a BlueworksLive Template

  • June 19, 2011
  • Scott

Lance wrote up a description of a BlueworksLive template we’ve shared with the IBM BlueworksLive community, and it is now published on the BlueworksLive Blog.  It is mostly just a way for us to give back a little to a community of BPM practitioners and software developers and product people that have given so much to us as well.

Ready to get your Lean Agile BPM Delivery going? When we all talk about Business Process Management, thoughts which spring to mind are “Order to Cash”, “Customer Provisioning and Servicing”, “Account Opening” and the like. Another critical business process is the actual implementation of a business process solution. BP3 is an IBM Partner and pure-play BPM consulting firm named by Gartner Research in their Who’s-Who in BPM report that exclusively works within the IBM BPM portfolio to get customers the results they need. One key aspect of getting those results is to employ an implementation process which is treated like any other critical business process. It’s a process which is managed, measured and continuously improved for the benefit of scaling from a single BPM project, to a BPM program, to ultimately a culture that competes and differentiates on process in their marketplace.

Please check out the BlueworksLive blog, and our template

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