BPM and BPMN Under Fire

  • March 30, 2010
  • Scott

Dave Duggal attempts a take-down of BPMN in a comment on Keith Swenson’s blog, concluding with:

“There is a reason why business leaders are suddenly have wandering eyes, they don’t think BPMN is the vehicle for the component-based distributed future.”

I humbly refer you to Bruce Silver’s blog for a quick rebuttal.  The market is adopting BPMN more than ever, and at an increasing pace.  Better to spend your energies figuring out how to make BPMN more effective (in combination with whatever other techniques you recommend) rather than making your recommended approaches an either-or proposition.  I think I’ve been hearing about this component-based distributed future since CORBA. I’m all for distributed and component-based, but I don’t hear an either-or proposition, and this doesn’t sound like business-leader language.

The question business leaders ask is will BPM and BPMN yield ROI? and the answer is yes.

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  • Scott:

    I have my own data point also pointing at a greater adoption of BPMN. The BPMN metamodel I created years ago is suddenly accessed more than 1000 times a month (yes a metamodel) and growing rapidly (20% per month). So yes, I would concur it is taking off. Rightfully so. The question is how people are using BPMN. I would be a lot more careful in coming to your own conclusion…

  • sfrancis

    Thx for the independent data regarding this – very interesting, indeed.

    The conclusion – I understand based on our previous discussions why you find it less certain – perhaps I could have said “The question business leaders ask is will BPM and BPMN yield ROI? and the answer, so far, appears to be 'yes'.” Which, more accurately states that, like any data-based conclusion, one has to leave oneself open to reassessing that conclusion when additional data is factored in.

    Take this fascinating article about the possibility that quantum information might actually generate gravity (in support of increasing entropy)… http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/24975/ – this is new to me, and interesting, and challenges previous assumptions on my part.

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