BP3 Speaking at #IBMImpact: UMB Bank

  • April 12, 2013
  • Scott


BP3 is proud that a number of our customers are speaking at Impact this year and sharing their experiences with BPM.  We’re going to take time to highlight some of our customers’ sessions at Impact in our blog – as we think they’ll be among the best sessions at the conference.  We’re really proud that our customers are so well represented at Impact and we think it speaks well to their vision, their implementation of BPM, and of course, their choice in partners in BPM!

First up, our very own Sue Butler is joining UMB Bank’s John Wilson to talk about a success story at UMB Bank:

1306 UMB Bank: Start Simple. Show Value. Drive Demand.

Program: Forbes Business Leadership Forum

Track: Industry Success Stories You Can’t Miss

Location: Delfino 4102

Time: Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 2:30pm

Abstract:  At UMB, a strategic business transformation was launched by one customer process. By enabling a simple work stream with BPM technology and showcasing the results throughout the bank, business stakeholders across the organization were able to easily understand the power of BPM and visualize its applicability in their respective areas. In this session, John Wilson and Sue Butler will explain the approach, how the business was engaged, and how BP3 and UMB worked together to unlock the value of BPM.

I know Sue will stick around after the session to answer questions – I highly recommend picking her brain because she has a wealth of banking and BPM experience to share.

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