BP3 at OMG ThinkTank 2008: Chicago & Amsterdam

  • July 31, 2008
  • Scott

Lance and I are going to be at OMG ThinkTank in October (October 6-7, 2008), and then again at OMG Think Tank in Europe (November 11-12, 2008).  Lance is hosting a Round Table on Managing Complexity, and I’ll be hosting a Round Table on how process execution is being impacted by ERP/SOA/Web2.0. This year Think Tank is going to have much more of a business focus around BPM, which is welcomed news! Not that the technical side hasn’t been very well represented — and with great content.  Nearly all of the BPM events hosted each year have technology as the center of gravity. Looking forward to seeing how this goes over. The round table sessions are without a doubt the best part of Think Tank. A round table is where you usually have about 6-10 true industry experts and/or very active BPM practioners from mainstream companies sit around a table and provide their experiences based on the topic of the RT.

Last year at the conclusion of the event, everyone agreed Think Tank should expand this vehicle as it was chock full of some great insights and collaboration. Most of the time the topic left the table and was picked up at breaks and after session get-togethers to continue the discussion. The purpose of the leader of the RT is to bring some very good knowledge and experience on the topic, but to primarily facilitate discussion; it is not a platform to monologue the content.

If you have the chance I would highly recommend considering going to Think Tank this year in either Chicago or Amsterdam. You can check out the previous year’s event here.

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