BlueworksLive May 2011 Update

  • May 23, 2011
  • Scott

Another incremental update from the BlueworksLive team.  The key features:

  • Tagging – generally just giving you an easier way to find things created in BlueworksLive.
  • Better visibility to activity within a space
  • APIs for provisioning and de-provisioning (admin).

Of course, when it comes to provisioning users, I’d like to see BlueworksLive playing ball with someone like Conformity (which we’ve covered, briefly, before), a firm that is promoting user provisioning across multiple SaaS offerings.  Longer-term that seems to be the way to go, but an API is a good step in the right direction.


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  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to your post, I’ve been busy playing with IronStratus (former They seem to be playing (ball or, since it’s hockey playoff season, puck 🙂 ) in the same space as our brothers in brand, the former Cast Iron folks do.

    Speaking of brothers, as a Canadian, I just wanted to add to your list of achievements in this release the added ability to pay for Blueworks Live directly through credit card from Canada’s brothers and sisters in Commonwealth, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Canada and others soon to follow as we continue to see Blueworks Live increasingly being adopted outside of the US just as much as it is within as evidenced by this

    • To me, looks like ironstratus is more focused on provisioning than “integration”.  They might be in the same space but they don’t look like competition (yet) to me.