Blueworks' January 2011 Update

  • January 31, 2011
  • Scott

True to their word, the folks at IBM are updating Blueworks Live rapidly.  The January release brings minor modifications that continue to polish the main ideas in Blueworks:

  • Blueworks introduces the concept of a “Glossary” – allowing an admin to provide descriptions of the properties that show up in Blueprint views and spaces, and to control which properties are viewed by users.  Additionally the possible values for a property can be defined.
  • Enhancements to process automation – minor changes that just enhance usability of the existing functionality (due dates no longer required, comments can be added after process completion, improved search, etc.)

Now that IBM is demonstrating the regular release schedule is being maintained, we’ll have to keep an eye out for the updates that really alter the trajectory or utility of the product.  Watch this space for our thoughts when we see those kinds of updates.

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  • Scott, thanks for keeping the conversation going. Like process improvement, Blueworks Live is also evolving and adapting as the community grows.
    I think what you see with this latest release is putting more control in the hands of the users. Control is a tricky thing, because you often see tools where managing control is more complicated than the function you are controlling. So we’re walking a very fine line in an attempt to evolve the tool without compromising what the tool is all about: powerful simplicity!

    • Definitely a fine line to walk. I like the changes – not every release can, nor should be, a “big deal” in terms of introducing game-changing features. Sometimes a very small change in visibility or control can enable very different or very useful behaviors for users…