Your Mobile BPM Could be Beautiful Too

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Scott Francis

Why not build beautiful applications for your business?

Great shout-out from Caged Ether on his blog - "What exactly is going on in enterprise mobility right now?".? As he says, there's no reason for enterprise processes to be ugly, and there's every reason to enhance engagement with beautiful UI's that happen to look good on a variety of devices.? One Designer. One Toolkit.? One Implementation. Any device. From his blog:

Meanwhile, IBM Champion Scott Francis will be showing off mobile BPM solutions. Here we?re talking about enterprise software to manage automated processes which can be accessed from any device from desktop down through tablet to smartphone.


Hopefully more enterprise application developers will follow suit and consider the loosening of the desktop hegemony.? It?s becoming increasingly difficult to make a case why any enterprise application shouldn?t be mobile enabled.

Right. If you're building enterprise applications and processes, you have to have mobile in mind at this point.? I was also really happy to see our Brazos UI trailer embedded in his post!? If you want to see it, no problem.? Watch here, or read the full post.


[vimeo 64862119 w=600&h=336]


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