You Didn't Hear it Here: PKI Wiki is Up

  • February 20, 2011
  • Scott

Sandy Kemsley has exciting news-  the PKI Wiki is up:

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Process Knowledge Initiative front lately due to other commitments, and lack of much public-facing progress in spite of the progress that we’d been making internally.

That’s about to change, because we have a public wiki up and running for the draft Body of Knowledge, and will officially be announcing it soon, along with our initial sponsors. Right now, it only contains the basic knowledge areas that are going to be expanded out into the BoK, but we felt that it was time to open it up for public commentary.

I’m really encouraged by the use of an honest-to-goodness wiki to back up the site.  This really increases the odds that we get real participation from the community on these topics.  Of course, there’s much else to be done, including setting authoring and editing and attribution guidelines, etc. But this is a good first step, and a public step.

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